Our Recycling Program


Over the past few decades, electronic waste has become a major issue within the U.S and all across the world. The amount of electronic waste filling landfills, being sent to areas in smaller countries, and simply being disposed of improperly or unsafely is continuously growing. Improperly disposing of electronic waste can be damaging to the environment, animals, and humans. Many of the elements of a modern electronic device, such as a computer or iPad can be extremely toxic if the device is broken open or crushed.

What can you do?

HardDriveDataRescue follow the regulations set forth by the R2 standard, and uses the best recycling practices and technology. We take your unwanted and broken electronic devices and dispose of them safely. Almost everyone has an electronic device of some kind, whether it’s a computer or a smart phone, but it can be hard to know how you’re supposed to dispose of these devices once they’ve been broken or we replace them with newer versions. Because of this, so many people simply throw them in the trash, leading them to end up in a landfill where a multitude of toxic chemicals and dangerous electronic components are left in the open.

Donating your unwanted or broken e-waste will help keep our environment free of the harmful elements that live inside our computers, hard drives, smart phones, and other electronics. All you have to do is get in touch with us via our e-waste donation form, using our toll free number, or by email. Once you reach out we can set up a safe and convenient way for you to get your unwanted electronics to one of our facilities where the device will be disassembled and parts from it will either be recycled or safely disposed of.

Any information contained on the devices sent to us will be kept 100% secure and confidential. None of your data will get out or be copied from these devices, so you don’t have to worry about emails, pictures, text messages, or anything of that nature making its way out into the world. The parts of your device that are salvageable will be used to create new electronics, which will then be donated to non-profits, charities, and other organizations.

Don’t let your Electronics Turn into Harmful E-Waste

Sure, it might be tempting and easy to throw your old cell phone in the kitchen trash can once you have your brand new one all set up, but doing so can pose a serious threat to environmental health and safety. In addition to helping keep the environment healthy, donating your e-waste for recycling also allows us to re-use certain materials in the production of new electronics, rather than having to manufacture new ones.

If you have unwanted or broken electronics that you want gone, don’t just throw them away. Help us to reduce e-waste and the harmful environmental effects of it by donating today. Fill out our simple e-waste donation form or give us a call to get the process started!